We appreciate there are a number of issues impacting those of you who travel to and from Bay Campus, and would like to thank everyone who has provided us with feedback so far. We are keen to provide an update on the current situation, and reassure you that we are doing all we can to provide the best service possible for you.

Bus Travel

We are acutely aware of the issues some of you are experiencing in relation to local bus services, in particular those serving Bay Campus and delivered by First Cymru. This is despite significant improvements to the network to the network of City centre bus services to both campuses, with a peak time 15-minute service on the new 90 and 90a buses serving Bay Campus (agreed with First Cymru from 8th January 2024).

We understand that the 91 ‘campus to campus’ service which routes via the bus station, Uplands and Sketty has been reduced to an hourly service between 6:05 and 18:20, and that this is not meeting the current travel needs of our student body. We are also conscious that the 90a service that enters Fabian Way Park and Ride is not frequent enough and often appears to be running at capacity. 

While the scheduling of services is outside our control, we continue to work closely with the local transport provider, First Cymru, to advocate for improved bus services for students and staff. We are confident that we will see improvements to the frequency, reliability and capacity of services over the coming weeks and months.

As an example, and as a result of our engagement with First Cymru, they have now committed to running the following services outside of termtime:

90: City centre student accommodation to Bay Campus (via the Bus Station) – hourly service

91: Campus to campus (via the Bus Station) – hourly service

92: City centre student accommodation Singleton Campus (via the Bus Station) – hourly service

In the meantime, we have listened to your feedback and to help improve the experience of our Bay Campus commuters, we are also making interim arrangements for the following additional services:

An additional Campus To Campus Service

From early March, First Cymru will operate an additional campus to campus service during peak daytime hours, stopping at key locations along the route. Further details, including stops, timetables and pricing for this service, will follow next week.

A shuttle service to/from Fabian Way Park & Ride

From Monday 12th February until the end of the Spring term on 7th June 2024, a shuttle bus for Swansea University staff and students, operated by South Wales Transport, will run every 15 minutes during peak times, between the Fabian Way Park and Ride and the Bay Campus, directly and on a loop.  This service will operate as a Park and Ride to Bay Campus service only, and timetables will follow shortly. This will supplement the existing 90a service which will continue to operate as it does currently. There is a £1 charge to park at the Fabian Way Park and Ride, and more detail about this Swansea Council ‘Safer by Design’ facility is available online here.


Car Parking

Parking on campus and across the city is extremely limited and, in line with many other UK universities, we advise students not to bring their cars with them to university. This approach also supports our Sustainability and Climate Emergency Strategy and commitments to be a zero-carbon university by 2035.


Permit Holder Parking

We do appreciate that, due to personal circumstances, some students need to travel by car, and we are therefore able to offer permit solutions for eligible students.

Many of you will be aware that, due to circumstances beyond our control, we have had to vacate the  main car park owned by St Modwen on Bay Campus, and establish alternative provision for staff and student permit holders within the grounds of the Bay Studios at pace.

For those students not entitled to a permit, we continue to signpost the authorised, council-run facilities at Fabian Way Park and Ride, which offer safe and affordable parking facilities, as well as the bus services connecting our campuses.  We also regularly remind students not to park in the local neighbourhood, or within local business premises, where unauthorised parking might lead to fines being incurred.

Our FAQs are currently being updated, and if you have a specific travel issue that is not covered by our FAQs, please tell us about it via our online form so that we can capture all feedback in one place. We will continue to try to listen and act, where appropriate, to support your ability to access our campuses safely.

We hope that these measures will improve your experience and would like to thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.